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The Pathfinders were originally formed in 1993 from the heart of a church choir.  With the primary goal to sing as a church quartet, they soon realized that God had bigger plans and they began traveling throughout the Southeast and expanded their ministry.


The group transitioned into a trio in 1996.  Since that time there has been little turnover in the members of the group.  While Dearl and Dawn have remained a constant part of The Pathfinders ministry, the group’s newest member came in 2010 with the addition of Gary Russell.  


Throughout the years, The Pathfinders have had multiple single releases.  This included several Top 80 songs on the Singing News charts and they have had several Top 40 songs on other industry charts.  They are proud to have been nominated in several categories for the Diamond Awards.

The newest recording, “Second Chances” promises to be the best one yet.  You will enjoy the smooth tight harmonies and most importantly the message in each song.


When asked what the future holds for The Pathfinders, Dawn said “We definitely see ourselves continuing the work we are doing now for a long time.  We don’t ever want to get to the point that we can’t go and sing in the local churches.  However, we’re going to go through every door that God opens for us.  We don’t want to lose sight of why He has called us into this ministry.  It is our goal and obligation to spread the gospel to as many people as we can.  We are honored that God has chosen us and placed us in this ministry”. 

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Dearl Lemons

As a founding member of The Pathfinders, Dearl has been singing Southern Gospel Music since 1993.  Born in Charlotte, NC and with a family heritage in bluegrass music, he has a gift of being able to sing harmony parts.  With a love for southern gospel music he is able to serve God doing what he enjoys the most.  Dearl has a friendly smile and a big heart and has never met a stranger.  He enjoys getting to know those that he ministers to.  Dearl and his wife Brenda resides in Alexis, NC. Dearl is the proud parent of 5 children, 10 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren.

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Dawn McGuire

One of the original members of The Pathfinders, Dawn has been playing the piano and singing Southern Gospel Music for more than 45 years.  From Craigsville, WV, Dawn was inspired to sing and play gospel music by her grandmother.  She will be truly recognized as one of the best alto singers in Southern Gospel Music.  Dawn resides in Mt Holly, NC.

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Gary Russell

Gary is the newest member of The Pathfinders. He studied music at Brevard College and Greensboro College and sang in several choral groups.  Gary is excited that he has been given the opportunity to sing Southern Gospel Music with The Pathfinders.  He is a native of Charlotte, NC and has proudly served in the US Marine Corp.  Gary and his wife Deborah reside in Charlotte, NC. Gary is the proud parent of 1 son and 3 grandchildren.

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In Loving Memory of Mary Charlotte Tincher

Aunt Charlotte, you could never have known how much you mean to our ministry. You were our biggest supporter, our traveling, Road Mama, and so much more. We sure enjoyed all the time that we spent with you and we wish we could have had many more opportunities to be with you. You were so proud of out ministry and if someone was having a hard time, you would hand them a CD and say listen to a certain song that you knew would minister to them. When we got our bus 'Curt', you and Uncle were as excited about it as we were. We enjoyed having you with us each time we went to NQC, Cruises, Dollywood, and on road trips. You have touched so many lives, especially our. What wonderful memories we have. We love you and sure do miss you. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Save a seat next to you at the supper table. Good night Mary Ellen. 

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